December, 2015.  We will shortly be updating this page following the purchase of Hough End Hall by a group called “Hough End Hall Academy”.  See this post for more information: Hough End Hall’s New Owner

Who are the Friends of Hough End Hall?
Friends of Hough End Hall is a new, resident led community association, serving the needs of residents of Chorlton and the surrounding areas of south Manchester. Our purpose is to contribute to the quality of life and sustainable regeneration in south Manchester through the use of Hough End Hall (HEH) as a resource for the community .

Our Vision
Our vision is build a local community hub, and create a vibrant and welcoming space for a wide range of people to meet, mix, work and play. In order to do this we aim to rescue, restore and reinvigorate Hough End Hall (HEH), a key historic building and a unique example of a Manchester red brick Tudor manor house.

Our Aim
Our aim is for HEH to become a well used community hub and to flourish through the ideas and activities of the people who use it

Our objectives

  • To secure HEH for the benefit of the local community now and for future generations
  • To create a flexible space meeting the needs of local people with a creative and dynamic programme of events
  • To produce an income from some local enterprises and use it to maintain and promote the activities of HEH so that they are accessible to all
  • To establish cultural, educational and participation activities as a core part of the Hall’s purpose and to ensure that it contributes fully and effectively to the social, economic, cultural and environmental regeneration of Chorlton and the surrounding areas of South Manchester.

Our ethos
Our ethos is to encourage as many people as possible form all walks of life to participate in the activities and the future of the Hall; to help build a sustainable community in Chorlton and the surrounding areas of south Manchester through the shared ownership and use of HEH, and to reduce the environmental impact of the building through working to install energy saving features, and by encouraging users of the building to reuse and recycle, and use the excellent public transport routes whenever possible.

How are we structured?
We have incorporated as a charitable limited company and are currently in the process of applying for registration as a charity.  Supporting membership is open to all living or working in Chorlton and the surrounding areas of south Manchester, as well as from wider afield.

NB: as the HEHR group develops these aims and objectives might be modified.


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