If you support the project and would like to receive occasional updates by email then do let us know: houghendhall@gmail.com

Welcome to the Hough End Hall Revival site, where you will find all you need to know about the exciting project to build a community hub and secure the future of Hough End Hall by and for the community of South Manchester.

We have quite a challenge ahead. Our immediate tasks are to:

  • Find out as much as we can about what local people and groups think about how the Hall might be used, and all we can about the Hall itself
  • Form an independent organisation capable of applying for grant funds
  • Get the building surveyed and outline the steps needed to make the building usable (for this we need to get some pro bono work from a surveyor or apply for a grant)
  • Begin a fundraising campaign

We will post regular bulletins of our progress (Updates).

Our heritage is our future, so let’s join together for Hough End Hall.  Let’s make it ours!
We hope you will join us. (Get Involved)

We are looking for anyone with a passion for preserving our heritage and making it work for our community to join us.  Contact us by email or with the form below.  We’d also like your views via our quick and easy survey form HERE.


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