Get Involved

Opportunities to get involved in the Hough End Hall Revival project are immense.  You might for example:

  • Distribute leaflets and/or posters
  • Participate a little more formally as a member of the start up committee
  • Search for pictures of Hough End Hall to put on the website and ensure we have permission to use them
  • Search the internet for any accounts and information about the Hall
  • Find a way to collect people’s memories of using the Hall in the past, either themselves or perhaps a family member
  • Organise some fundraising events (the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination) and then of course, letting as many people as possible know about the event
  • Liaise with local schools and housing trusts to tell them about the project and see how they think they might get involved
  • Stand in busy places in the street, hand out leaflets and chat to people to see what they might like the Hall to be used for
  • Talk to local businesses about the project and enthuse them
  • Design and make a fun way of getting local people to tell us what their favourite options for using the Hall if we are successful in buying it
  • Do some office admin, sending out emails, compiling and posting letters, setting up Gift Aid and membership databases
  • Talk to local community groups to see what use they might want to make of the Hall
  • Obtain some idea of what costs might be involved in using the Hall in some of the ways suggested by local people
  • Convene a focus group or workshop of some of the public services in south Manchester to get their idea of community needs that might be met by bringing the Hall into community ownership and usage
  • Find out what other community venues are used for and by which groups with what sorts of frequency
  • Find out if any celebrities have had anything to do with the Hall in the past.
  • Make sure all the local volunteer agencies know about the volunteer possibilities with the project.

What’s in it for you?

  • Becoming part of a local, friendly and dedicated group
  • Meeting people from all walks of life and making new friends
  • Building your skills, knowledge and confidence
  • Being amongst the first to know what is happening with Hough End Hall
  • Social events

Contact us at if you have any time to spare.


1 thought on “Get Involved

  1. Yes I would like to get involved Carol Mowl I have just delivered my looms to a ware house in town but Hough end is around the corner so it may make more sense for them to be there?

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